[MV] 24K(투포케이) _ BINGO(빙고)

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24K has been attracting a lot of popularity overseas with songs such as ‘Hey You’ and ‘Super Fly’ is coming back to us with the 1st regular album. They were the first to try the world popular EDM genre for the first time as a Korean idol group. The title of this regular album is ‘BINGO’, and this song has the meaning of ‘We did it’ in the song. This song is composed, written, arranged by the members. The members made the dance as well, making it a ‘One team all-made’ album.

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今日綺麗だね」、「遊び人」、「Still 24K」など、国内アイドルグループとしては初めて、世界の大人気ジャンルであるEDMを追求して、海外で多くの人気を得ている24Kが、1stフルアルバムを発表した。
今回のフルアルバムのタイトル曲は「BINGO(ビンゴ)」。 ‘ついにやり遂げた’という意味のビンゴを24Kに代入したこの曲も、24Kのメンバーたちが作曲・作詞・編曲・ミックスマスタリング、振り付け企画など、すべての過程を完成した‘ワンチームオールメイド’アルバムである。

‘오늘 예쁘네’, ‘날라리’, ‘Still 24K’ 등 국내 아이돌 그룹으론 최초로 지구촌 대세 장르인 EDM을 추구하며 해외에서 더 많은 인기를 얻고 있는 24K (투포케이)가 정규 1집 앨범을 발표했다.

이번 정규앨범의 타이틀곡은 ‘BINGO (빙고)’. ‘드디어 해냈어’라는 의미의 빙고를 24K에 대입한 이 노래 역시 24K 팀원들이 작곡, 작사, 편곡, 믹스마스터링, 안무기획 등 모든 과정을 완성한 ‘원팀 올메이드’ 앨범이다.