Vegas has and always will be the ultimate gambling destination with sprawling casinos at every corner. But more recently, gambling has become more popular on the internet. With a lot more players and great deals and games, the world of Casino online  is the new Vegas. From poker to slots, every gambling game is available at the click of a mouse. Whether it is free games or high stakes games, you will find a game suited to your preferences from the millions of available online sites. Most people, however don’t prefer the online form of gambling. Some of the common reasons for this are the payment options which most people seem to distrust, while another reason is the general distrust of the games and the software. Some of the online casino misconceptions that people have are:

The games are rigged

This is by far one of the biggest reasons why a lot of people don’t play Casino online. The general belief is that the website owners have control over the outcome of the games hence it is next to impossible to win in an online game. This, though seems plausible is a far cry from the truth. The casino games are based on softwares which generates random numbers. The software used also needs to be  in accordance with international gaming laws and industry standards. Whatever the possibility or odds you would have in a land casino, is the same as you would have in an online game. Irrespective of where you play, you can win or lose with equal probability.

Nowhere near the customer support of a land casino

This is another important concern that people have when it comes to online casinos. The support that a live, brick and mortar casino can offer is unmatched by any online game. This is nothing more than a silly myth. The customer support team for an online gambling website actually comprises of representatives who are available live to offer assistance at any given time. Apart from just the unavailability of support in physical form, it is the dependence on technology that makes people so distrusting. The truth is that the websites have to offer support compulsarily and reputed gaming sites will surely provide you with the same. You don’t even need to call them, you can choose to mail them or even live chat with the support team.

There are hacker players who will always beat you

A complete fabrication, it is just not possible for anyone to be able to cheat at Casino online games at all. There have been instances wherein people, specifically the online casino employees have tried to take advantage of the system and cheat, but these very rare instances have been caught soon. The softwares used for the games are incredibly safe and secure ensuring no hacker can find their way around it. from your online payment methods to the game, the security measures are quite stringent to ensure your win is as random as possible.

Slot machines go cold after a big win

People generally hold onto this belief and refuse to resume playing after a slot jackpot. But the fact is that the software used for the games generate random numbers at each time. Irrespective of a win or lost, no behavioral change happens in any game as such. The probability of a win will  neither decrease after a big win nor reduce. Similarly, it is also a widely held notion that if a particular game has not generated a win in a long time, it will soon hit the jackpot. The randomness of the number generated ensures that no external factor can affect the outcome.