Bingo is perhaps the first game you started playing during your young age, and it is the game that you still enjoy. The main reason behind popularity of this game is its versatility as it can be played in different ways. You can play the bingo games in a land based casino reviews as well as on a website. So here are the most popular types of bingo games:

75 ball bingo:

This can be considered the grandpa of bingo games because it is the most ancient yet most popular game of bingo. This game consists of a high level of mathematical concepts and thus it is enjoyed by people of all age groups. There is a set of 5×5 cards in the pokies game, having the highest card number 75. Your target is to make the horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines of bingo cards.

90 ball bingo:

This format of bingo games is very popular across the globe. This game has much more prizes than the 75 cards game and thus is it cherished by those playing for prizes. There are total nine columns and three rows of gambling point cards, and each row has the number one to ninety. All other spaces are left empty.


Though these two are the most popular types of bingo games but still many variations are found in them. In blackout bingo leading casino, a player needs to carry all the numbers on a card. In four corner bingo, the player only need to have four number called. The condition is that these four numbers must be in the corners of the card.