Going on vacation is always something to look forward to, but you can take the fun to the next level by staying in a themed hotel room! Whether you have a romantic getaway in mind, a girls’ or guys’ weekend, or a fun time for the whole family, there is an amazing array of themed hotels and hotel rooms available all around the world. Here are five of the most memorable and eye-catching:

The Adventure Suites

North Conway, NH. This amazing hotel truly has something for everyone. It offers a wide range of themed suites to choose from, including The Jungle, Ancient Rome, the Log Cabin, the Cave, the Victorian Spa and a 1970s themed room called The Love Shack. Whether you’re on a couples retreat, corporate retreat or a family vacation, this themed hotel has a room that will suit your tastes. All suites include breakfast, unlimited movies and a two-person or larger Jacuzzi. The hotel is also pet-friendly.

Rates: $109 – $499 per night.

3440 White Mountain Highway

North Conway, NH 03860

Toll Free: (888)N.CONWAY

Local: 603-356-9744


Carlton Hotel’s Speakeasy Suite

New York, NY. The Speakeasy Suite tucked away in the Carlton Hotel is an homage to the city’s Prohibition days. The dark paneled decor reflects the 1920s era, and there’s even a secret room off the bedroom accessible through a hidden door disguised as a bookcase! This cozy bonus room features an array of “forbidden” treasures, including a custom-designed poker table with chips and cards, a (disabled) tommy gun, old New York Times front pages, period photography of G-men and flappers plus a well-stocked private bar decked out with leather furniture. Add a new dimension to your casino-themed party by playing Bingo 90 ball or other similar games — you can bring the speakeasy into the 21st century by playing online casino games.

Room rate: $2,500 per night.

The Carlton Hotel

88 Madison Avenue

New York, NY 10016


Reservations: 800.601.8500


The Astronomer???s Inn

Benson, Ariz. This unique bed and breakfast caters to the cosmos-minded. From kids to astronomy enthusiasts, this hotel will inspire and delight those who love to star gaze. From the observatory located right next door to the guided tours of the heavens at night via rooftop telescopes, you’re sure to have a getaway that’s out of this world. There are four themed rooms to choose from: The Astronomer???s Studio, The Galaxy Room, The Egyptian Room and The Garden Room.

1311 South Astronomers Road

Benson, AZ 85602

(520) 586-7906

The Palms Hotel

Las Vegas, Nev. This epic Las Vegas destination offers 11 luxury fantasy suites that can satisfy any taste. There’s the Hot Pink suite, and the King Pin suite which features its own bowling alley. The Erotic Suite is outfitted with a stripper pole! For $25,000 per night, there’s the Hardwood suite, which includes a basketball court with your name on it, an NBA-styled locker room and personalized basketball jerseys for everyone in your party. Then there’s the G-Suite, a nightclub-themed room, and the Sky Villas including the Hugh Hefner Sky Villa, 9,000 square foot room which includes Playboy-themed artwork. The outdoor Jacuzzi is emblazoned with the Playboy bunny logo and can fit 24 people! You’ll also find an exercise room, a fireplace and a poker table.

Room Rates: Up to $40,000 per night.

4321 W. Flamingo Rd., Las Vegas, NV 89103



Hard Day’s Night Hotel

Liverpool, England. This hotel is a tribute to all you Beatles fans out there. It’s relatively affordable (especially compared to the Palms!) and even the two largest suites — appropriately themed The McCartney Suite and The Lennon Suite — can be had for $395 a night or less. There’s a chapel if you fancy a Beatles-themed wedding!

Rates: $145 – $395

Central Buildings

North John Street

Liverpool, ENGLAND

L2 6RR

+44 (0) 151 236 1964


So when you’re booking your next vacation, you don’t have to settle for ordinary. Whether you want a casino-themed room, a jungle escape for your kids or a romantic experience you won’t soon forget, a themed hotel room can truly take your holiday to the next level!